Our different products are made from top-quality beef and pork.

Our products are manufactured at facilities that are constantly modified and improved. We take allergies very seriously. All the ingredients in our products are indicated on the packaging, with the main allergens, if applicable, always clearly identified. Most are gluten-free, with few exceptions. For products containing wheat, this ingredient is always included on the list of allergens.

It varies from one product to the next, and that’s why we always make sure the expiration date is clearly marked on each of our products.

Yes, for up to 3 months.

Once the package is open, our cooked products can be stored for 5 days and our dried products for 7 days as long as they are kept refrigerated. We recommend consuming any of our products that have been exposed to an ambient temperature of around 20°C for a period of around 2 hours, and that leftovers not be re-refrigerated.

The production method is very different. Cooked products are prepared in the oven and are ready to eat once cooked. Dried products are prepared in drying rooms inside meticulously controlled environments. Drying takes place slowly and the process is never accelerated.

Our deli products contain these ingredients. Our other product lines do not necessarily contain them. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us using the form on the “Contact” page and explain what details you would like to receive. We will redirect your request to the person who is best able to help you.

All our products are manufactured in Quebec, Canada at our two plants located in Laval and Montréal North.

The Viau brand is exclusive to the food services industry. Viau products are sold at supermarkets under the brand names Fantino & Mondello and Sila.

Please consult the following link for Health Canada’s dietary recommendations for pregnant women: https://www.canada.ca/fr/sante-publique/services/grossesse/guide-officiel-grossesse-sante.html

No, none of our products are vegetarian or vegan.

No, we do not have the equipment or certification necessary to produce this type of deli meat.

Yes, all our products must be kept cold. They should not be stored at room temperature for longer than 2 hours.

Yes, however our products are mainly distributed in Canada.

Yes, we are a Canadian company founded by a family with Italian roots.

We are a company operating in the food processing industry. We market our products for retail trade and food services.

Viau has been owned by Maple Leaf Foods since November 2018. To learn more, visit the Maple Leaf Foods corporate website. (link)

Yes, Viau is owned by Maple Leaf Foods, a public company.

Safety and security tests are carried out directly at our in-house laboratory located in our Laval plant.

Yes, some of them do, and this extends their shelf life and ensures optimal food safety.

Visit the Corporate page to peruse our certifications along with their explanations. (link)

Visit the Contact page and complete the form by indicating the products that interest you along with your location. One of our experts will contact you shortly. (link)

For the different products available at supermarkets, the prices are indicated in stores and on the different retail websites. For all other products, please reach out to your representative or contact us using the form on the Contact page. (link)


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